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Civil Engineering PDH Courses

PDH University is your one-stop shop for hassle-free, affordable, and fast civil engineering PDH requirement completion. Founded by a former civil engineer and land surveyor, we understand that your time is valuable and you need an accessible, high quality CEU program. PDH University has streamlined the online continuing education process; it’s as simple as signing up, selecting your courses for civil engineering PDH, reading the material online at your own pace, completing the required quizzes, and receiving your certification of completion/credits. We offer courses and bundles which fulfill all levels of requirements and our credits are applicable in 42 states, ensuring that you will meet your state-specific needs. With PDH University, you have all you need to renew your civil engineering license at your own pace from the convenience of your home or office.

Beyond maintaining your licensure, you also have access to the highest quality content in the civil engineering field to fulfill your interest and to keep you at the top of your game. As the occupation itself requires you to be a jack of all trades, we offer a broad range of topics through which you can hone and sharpen your knowledge and skills. Adapt and grow in the dynamic world of civil engineering by staying current with the latest and greatest in the field. With courses ranging from Bearing Capacity of Soils, to River Hydraulics, and Site Planning and Design, we offer classes in every content area related to civil engineering. PDH University offers a variety of courses including:

  • ADA Guide for Small Businesses
    Bearing Capacity of Soils
  • Bridge Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Children’s Outdoor Play Area
  • Conduits, Culverts, and Pipes
  • Construction Surveying
  • Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual
  • Design and Construction Guidelines for Dams
  • Design and Construction of Levees
  • Design of Small Water Systems
  • Ethics for Engineers (A Review of NSPEs Code of Ethics)
  • General Principles of Pumping Station Design and Layout
  • Hydraulic Design of Spillways
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Low-Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety
  • MDOT Survey Manual
  • On-Site Wastewater System Regulations and Design Standards
  • Rules and Regulations and Ethics for Professional Engineers and Surveyors
  • Railroad Track Standards
  • Railroads – Mobilization Construction
  • Real Estate Geospatial Data and Mapping
  • Recommended Standards for Wastewater Facilities
  • Recommended Standards for Water Works
  • Recreation Planning and Design Criteria
  • River Hydraulics
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Standard Practice for Concrete Pavements
  • Structural Deformation Surveying
  • Survey Markers and Monumentation
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Water Supply: Pumping Stations

Sign up with PDH University today and get your civil engineering PDH requirements started with the click of your mouse. Save valuable time with our hassle free and affordable, high quality courses and renew your license while expanding your knowledge in your field. We look forward to being a part of your journey!